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  I am pleased to announce that Whole Lifestyle Nutrition has partnered up with ZipList, an online grocery list and recipe clipping site, to help you save time and money.  ZipList allows you to save your favorite recipes from all over the web in one spot!  It is easy to plan weekly meals, it automatically organizes grocery trips and saves you money. Are you overwhelmed with all of the recipes that you have saved from all of your favorite recipe sites….

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  Last night I had a wonderful grilled chicken breast, and it is winter time in my neck of the woods! No, I did not get out my outdoor grill, but instead got out my grill pan to make this delicious summertime treat!  These chicken breast are full of so much flavor and are super tender and moist.  You certainly can grill these outdoors if the weather permits.  So give this recipe a try, you won’t be disappointed!   5…

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Coconut Oil & Honey

  I can still remember the day that I took a glance at the ingredients of my personal care products.  First of all, I had no idea what half of the ingredients were.  So I began to do a little research and dug a little deeper to find out what these ingredients were and their possible side effects.  I was shocked with what I found.  Here is an article, Toxic ingredients in personal care products, that showcases just a few of the…

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Organic Coconut Butter Cookies/Bark

Last week I featured a video series about coconuts and all the amazing products you can get from 1 organic coconut.  In one of the videos, How To Make Your Own Organic Coconut Butter, I showed you how easy it was to make your own coconut butter.  You can do this with freshly dehydrated coconut flakes or store bought organic coconut flakes.  Once I tasted homemade coconut butter, there was no going back to buying the stuff out of the jar, homemade is so amazing…

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Scallop Potatoes

I was asked by one of my viewers to make a healthier version of scallop potatoes.  My family loves scalloped potatoes, I mean what’s not to love…creamy, cheesy potatoes!  I nailed this recipe on my first attempt!  Most of my recipes I make 2-3 times before they are ready to post.  I think the key to these potatoes is making a roux.  Don’t let that scare you, making a roux is super easy. So just what is a roux?  According…

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   Coconut butter is my new favorite snack.  So just what is coconut butter or coconut cream?  Coconut butter/cream is dehydrated coconut, preferably freshly dehydrated coconut flakes, that is put into the food processor/vita mix and blended to form a liquid cream.  It can be used on so many different foods.  Coconut butter is like coconut oil.  It is solid in cooler temperatures and in warmer temperatures it is liquid.  It can be stored in a pantry.  If you would…

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Coconut Flour

Coconut flour can be a pricey item, especially when you use it as much as I do.  Coconut flour is a great flour to use if you follow a grain free or gluten free diet.  It is high in fiber, has a slight sweetness to it and taste really great.  You do not substitute coconut flour one for one in recipes and there are a few adaptations to consider when cooking with coconut flour.  You can read my article How…

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coconut milk

Coconut milk has become on of my favorite things to cook with and to drink.  Canned coconut milk taste totally different then fresh homemade coconut milk.  I think you will be surprised how easy it is to make your own coconut milk and it taste so much better then canned coconut milk!  In addition, I will show you how to make and dehydrate your own coconut flakes.  Again, there is no comparison to store bought coconut flakes.  Fresh coconut flakes…

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