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Bacon & Corn Chowder

  It really has started to cool down here in Wisconsin!  I love fall and with fall comes delicious soup recipes!  This is one of my favorite recipes of all time.  I can remember making this when I was in college and eating it for the entire week!  It was that good!   There are a few things that I want to touch on in this recipe.  Corn is in season here.  I am lucky to have found a farmer…

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Oh my, how I love to cook!  I am always grabbing inspiration from some of my favorite cookbooks.  Today I would like to share with you all one of my favorite kitchen tips that won’t even cost you a penny!  Are you like me and cook from cookbooks or printed recipes that you find online?  I am always finding some great recipes from our FREE ZipList feature that allows me to save recipes from all over the internet and save them…

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  Hello and welcome to Whole Foods Wednesday’s Recipe Swap!   I am very excited to be co hosting this blog carnival!  So just what is a blog carnival?   Here are some tips and guidelines explaining just what a blog carnival is.  It really is a great way to visit new blogs and get new recipes and lifestyle tips from all over the web! WHAT IS A BLOG CARNIVAL? A blog carnival is a place where people can share post about…

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weekend-roundup 290

I am very pleased to start this new series of post called “Weekend Roundup!”  Every weekend I will display the post that I shared for the week and will also display some of my favorite post that were displayed in Whole Foods Wednesday.  If you haven’t joined us on Whole Foods Wednesday to share or get some amazing recipes and lifestyle tips then stop on by and check them out.  Each week we keep growing and there are so many…

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  Welcome to another edition of Family Friendly Fridays!  The other day, my girls asked me for some homemade brownies.  We love brownies!  Now I have a recipe for blondie  brownies, chocolate chip cookie pie/brownies, and black bean brownies.  Out of these 3 brownie recipes one is made out of chick peas, the other out of black beans and the last one is made out of sprouted flour.  In todays recipe, I wanted to share with you a soaked brownie…

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Workout library.001

Here is the full 30 day dumbbell challenge all on one page.  I wanted to make the challenge easily accessible from one spot.  Remember always start with Day 1 ~ Sculpt The Body of Your Dreams and move through the program as it is laid out.  If you should have any questions, concerns, challenges, successes throughout this challenge please feel free to share them in the comment section below each post.  I hope you all learn a lot from this…

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Parmesan Bacon Potato Bites

  This organic parmesan bacon potato bites recipe is a little piece of heaven let me tell you!  I mean what’s not to love…bacon, cheese and potatoes, Oh my!  I am using a yukon gold potato in this recipe and they have a natural butter flavor that stands out above any other potato variety.  Yukon gold potatoes have a beautiful yellow or gold color and they hold together very nicely.  These can easily be served as a side dish or…

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