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  Last week I focused on How To Build An Inexpensive Studio For Your Food Photography, and this week I will show you several ways to build a tabletop unit for your food photography studio.  This is for our New Series ~ Food Photography, Equipment & Props!  I will be posting regularly to this new series, so come back and visit often to learn new great tips to improve your food photography. So as I have stated, today I am…

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  Wow, a gardening season has come and gone!  What a great year this has been for many gardeners.  We had a very long spring that wasn’t to wet and a nice and hot summer.  This is the first year that my peppers have done amazing!  In Wisconsin, I often think that it just isn’t hot enough for my pepper plants, but this year I had so many peppers!  I see stuffed peppers in my meal plan all winter long…

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  Many people make some critical mistakes before they even start gardening!  Do not underestimate how important it is to plan out your gardens site.  There is so much information to consider.  Does your site have enough light, is it easily accessible, is it near a water source…the list goes on.   So here are 3 quick steps to follow when you are in the planning stages of starting a garden. 1. Pick your site It is time to start…

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A Family Friendly Challenge So my girls have been asking me for jello for quite some time now.  I will not buy the junk at the grocery stores because it is made from gelatin that is clearly not from a grass fed source and it has a ton of sugar and artificial flavors and coloring in them.   So this week when I asked my girls what they wanted to do for Family Friendly Fridays, they all said jello mama!…

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Parmesan Garlic Croutons

  I just love having a crunchy crouton on top of my salad.  It adds to the texture of the salad and gives it a punch of bold flavor.  I also wanted to create a crouton recipe so I could make a delicious stuffing for this holiday season. Oh my goodness wait until you try that recipe, best stuffing I have ever had!  But first we have to create these little croutons.   Croutons are really simple to make and…

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Whole Foods Wednesday |

  Hello and welcome to Whole Foods Wednesday’s Recipe Swap!   I am very excited to be co hosting this blog carnival!  So just what is a blog carnival?   Here are some tips and guidelines explaining just what a blog carnival is.  It really is a great way to visit new blogs and get new recipes and lifestyle tips from all over the web! WHAT IS A BLOG CARNIVAL? A blog carnival is a place where people can share post about…

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    Building A Studio For Only $10.00!   Today I want to share with how I built my inexpensive food photography studio.  This is for our new series: Learn About Food Photography, Equipment & Props.  Without the tabletop lighting unit, this project cost right around $10 and I use it all the time!  Would you believe me if I told you that my studio is in my garage?  I wanted to find an area that was close to the…

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Roasted Broccoli

I don’t know about you, but I use to have a heck of a time getting my kids and husband to eat their veggies!  I usually didn’t have any issues with carrots, potatoes, green beans, peas and other similar vegetables but when it came to broccoli and cauliflower my girls always turned their noses up to them and refused to eat them.  So I set out to find a way to enjoy these two amazing vegetables and found a method…

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