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How To Start Your Seeds In Eggshells |

Will Spring Ever Arrive?   I can tell that March has arrived.  I have that desire to get out into the yard and start working in my gardens…..also known as Spring Fever.   Here in Southeastern Wisconsin the weather is not cooperating.  This year we have been hit with one snow storm after another.  At this time last year the temperatures were already in the 70’s.  Now, we still have well over a foot of snow on the ground as…

About Mary Daley

Mary Daley lives in Wisconsin. She is a teacher by profession and is always looking for ways to continue her love of life long learning. She also adores being auntie to her niece and nephew. Mary is passionate about healthy eating and has personal experience dealing with food allergies/intolerances. She loves to follow all the wonderful blogs that are out there for new recipes to try. Organic gardening, flower gardening, canning/freezing/drying food is a summer love. Mary is always trying to find way to live a "greener" life.

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Learn What To Do With Your Kombucha After Your Brew Is Done |

Our Kombucha Series   We are half way through our kombucha series!  In a few days you will be enjoying some delicious and healthy kombucha. Here is a list of our full kombucha series: What is kombucha and why is it so healthy for you? {Part 1} Learn how to brew kombucha with this easy step by step tutorial. {Part 2} My kombucha is done, now what?…And how to bottle kombucha tea {Part 3} A collection of kombucha recipes {Part…

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How To Make An Early Spring Au Pistou |

What is Soupe Au Pistou? It’s officially spring.  So let me first start by saying ‘happy spring’.  Aren’t we all ready for spring come this time of the year? After a bit of contemplation, what came to mind is an early spring Soupe Au Pistou, a fancy French phrase for vegetable soup with basil paste. Intuitively, summer or fall — with its corresponding bounty of vegetables — may seem ideal for this soup; however, soupe au pistou is truly a…

About Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider currently calls Washington, D.C. home after residing in Chicago for the past 10 years. Linda’s blog focuses on seasonal recipes. Her cooking is largely based upon what she finds at local farmers’ markets and inspired by her travels near and far. Linda has a background in alternative medicine (chiropractic), exercise physiology, and nutrition. She often dreams about lazy days in the Mediterranean.

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Kombucha Winners |

We Have 2 Winners!   Our kombucha giveaway is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.  We have randomly chose two winners!  Please review the form below to see if you were one of the winners.  If your name is on the list, you should have received an email from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.  Please contact us with your address so we can ship out your prize!  Congratulations to the winners! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Best Organic Corned Beef Hash Recipe|

A FREE Look Into Our Members Site   Last weekend I was preparing a delicious corned beef with red potatoes and cabbage for our meal plan members site.  Very fitting for St. Patricks day wouldn’t you think?  It was super delicious!   Have you had a chance to visit our members site?  We offer a FREE full week so you can experience our members area!  There are a lot of great meals in our members area.   Are you looking to…

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How To Make Gluten Free Canine Treats |

  Spring…A Welcomed Season After A Long Winter   After being buried in the snow in Kansas City for the last few weeks and cold temperatures, we had a spring-like day and you can bet I was going to take advantage of it!  The “kids” and I headed outside for fun in the sun and little did they know, yummy treats were in order. I am always looking for healthier snacks for our “Cainine Kiddos” (I know “Cainine is spelled…

About Rhonda Cain

Working in health care for over 17 years, I thought I had always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. Almost 3 years ago I embarked on a journey and soon realized everything I had been taught to better health was actually the culprit of many of my problems. In the process of changing to eating whole, organic foods, researching how it effect our lives, my eyes were opened to "green living". I began to venture out in my great city, Kansas City, which I have lived in for over 20 years, and have met some amazing people setting the pace for a local movement in the food and environment awareness scene. My goal is to educate people "living green" can be much more than recycling cans and paper; it can lead to good eats and a healthier lifestyle.

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An Amazing Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe |

Something Different For Breakfast   Ok, so I LOVE my eggs and almost every morning I whip up 3 eggs for breakfast with some fresh fruit or some leftover veggies from the night before.  You’d think I would get tired of eggs but I do not! Eggs are great, however over the last few weeks, I have been challenging myself to switch up my breakfast a bit.  Your body needs a break from the same food items, and as I…

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Final-Button |

Hello and welcome to Whole Foods Wednesday’s Recipe Swap! I am very excited to be co hosting this blog carnival!  So just what is a blog carnival?   Here are some tips and guidelines explaining just what a blog carnival is.  It really is a great way to visit new blogs and get new recipes and lifestyle tips from all over the web! WHAT IS A BLOG CARNIVAL? A blog carnival is a place where people can share post about certain topics…

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Mountain Climbers During Outdoor Workout |

It can be challenging to keep up with your exercise routine on those blistery winter days, when all you want to do is curl up by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. If you’ve been stuck inside all winter working out on cardio machine, take advantage of warmer springtime temperatures and try moving your workout outside. Not only is outdoor exercise enjoyable, but it might also be more effective than your indoor workout routine.   Health Benefits of…

About Nicole Crawford

Nicole Crawford lives in Phoenix with her two spunky daughters and handsome husband. She is passionate about truly nourishing her children and instilling healthy habits at a young age. Nicole is a NASM certified personal trainer and AFPA certified pre- and post-natal fitness specialist. She is currently fulfilling the requirements to become a DONA certified birth doula. In addition to her blog, Nicole is the Editorial Coordinator and Contributor at and a regular contributor at several sites, including FitBottomed Mamas, The Bump, and In her free time Nicole has a varied list of hobbies, including cooking, reading, knitting, volunteering, running, swinging kettlebells, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Learn How To Make Kombucha In This Easy Tutorial |

Before You Get Started   So you want to brew some kombucha do you?  Well I am here to show you how easy it is to make your own kombucha! If you missed my post on What Is Kombucha & Why It Is So Healthy For You, be sure to head on over and check it out! Here is the full list of post in this kombucha series: What is kombucha and why it is so good for you. {Part 1} Learn…

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