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Think Pictures Don't Matter In Blogging?  My Before & After Photography Experiment! |


Are you one of those individuals who thinks that pictures don’t matter…that it’s the recipe that is the most important part of the post?  I use to be one of those people!

To prove a point, I took one of my favorite recipes that I posted over a year ago (when my camera skills were totally lacking) and I changed the picture on it with a new and improved picture.

Guess what?  That new and improved post (which remember, I ONLY changed the photo), has been my second most popular post since I changed the photo…for real!!  It went from being one of my least visited post to one of my most popular post overnight!

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My Experiment With My Potato Crust Quiche


So lets take a look at these before and after pictures shall we?  Both of these pictures have been minimally styled.  A lot of people tend to overdo the props and sometimes simplicity is so beautiful!  So don’t be afraid to shoot a picture straight out of the oven.  It gives the shot some action that oftentimes is missing in food photography pictures.

Before Picture of Potato Quiche


Take a look!  Here is my before picture of my potato crust quiche.  As stated, this is before I ever even attempted to put some effort into my photos.  How appetizing does that look?…NOT!  It taste amazing for real… just looks terrible, right? :-)

Before Picture of Potato Quiche |

After Picture of Potato Crust Quiche


Now I made the same recipe again (after picture), but decided to put them in little ramekins to appeal to more people.  I took the potato crust quiche right out of the oven and did very little styling and shot the photo just like I had done in the photo above.  I did a few quick edits and this is what I came up with!

After Picture of Potato Quiche |

Wow, quite a difference isn’t it?  Now to be fair, my photography skills and equipment has developed over the past year…but quality pictures matter!  Which would you rather eat?


Camera Details


As always, I like to include the details of my pictures.  

  • I shot the quiche photo on manual mode.  I used natural light with no flash.  I did not use a tripod for this photo.  My ISO for the after quiche photo was 800, the aperture was f/3.2 and the shutter speed was 1/160 for this photos.  I did not edit this picture.

If you should have any questions about any of these elements, please feel free to ask in the comment sections below.


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Share Your Thoughts


What are some of your favorite styling tips that make your food pictures look better?


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  1. I agree Hallie!  I have been slowly redoing many of my old pictures from old recipes…ad I sometimes leave an old image in just so people an see the difference.  My nutella cookies this week on WFW would be a good example…one with my point and shoot, and my new ones.  Better examples would be old old recipes, but you get the idea!  I look fwd to getting better and better with my abilities!  It is so much fun, a real creative outlet for me.

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