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Jawbone UP |

I recently purchased a Jawbone UP and today I would like to tell you about this product.  I should disclose that I am doing this review independently and I am just giving you my own personal opinion of what I think of this product.  

Let me start by asking you if you know how many steps you are walking a day?  Did you know that we are suppose to be walking 10,000 steps a day for a healthy lifestyle?

Speaking of healthy, many individuals only focus on exercise and eating when it comes to weight loss, but getting heathy also requires monitoring your moods and sleep and surrounding yourself with a community that can support you through your journey.  

The Jawbone UP is an incredible piece of technology that tackles every angle of getting healthy!

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What Is A Jawbone Up?


A  Jawbone UP is a device that takes a holistic approach and records your daily steps, exercise, moods, sleep patterns, food intake and activity.  I mean this little band amazes me with all that it can do!

An important element to health and wellness isn’t just about eating right, it is about movement, sleep, understanding your moods and learning how to read your bodies language.

This device does all that and more.  It has been quite awhile since I have been this excited about a product.  Lets dive into this product so you have a clear understanding of what a Jawbone UP is.

Jawbone Up Features


So lets take a look at some of the features that the UP band offers.  I think I use the sleep and nap tracking and the 24/7 activity tracking the most.  I have never been one to count calories, but in the first month of using the UP I did track my calories to see where I was.  Was I eating to much, or to little?  Come to realize I was eating about 300-500 calories to much.

Once I figured out my calories balance, I then moved over to the mood tracking and really listened to my body through my moods.  Your body is smart, we just have to listen to it and  know how to interpret it’s language.  The mood tracking helps with that.

The other feature I absolutely LOVE is the idle alert!  I have it set to alarm me when I haven’t been active in a 1/2 hours time.  Wow, a 1/2 hour flies by.  Once the idle alarm goes off, that is my que to get up and move!

Jawbone Up Features|

Can you believe that this little band can do all of that?  And what’s even better is the app that you use to sync your UP band.  It is so simple to begin using your UP band and the app is a top notch app.  

Every morning I look forward to seeing my teammates and their accomplishments and I also enjoy the daily encouraging words and updates that the UP band gives me.



carousel-2-1So included with the purchase of this band is the UP app.  It is what brings this band to life.  I feel I have a personal coach 24/7 cheering me on!  Not only that, I can connect with my friends and get support and chat with them right on this app!  Pretty incredible!

You can record your foods nutritional information, take pictures of your dish, scan a bar code on the back of a package of food to automatically add the nutritional information, track your moods and get customize reports that keep you on track.

Each day you are given updates on how you are doing and motivational tips to keep you moving.  As I mentioned earlier, you can also connect and chat with your friends who have the UP band and see how they are progressing in their journey and you can get support from one another.

This is hands down one of the best apps out there…and trust me I have a lot of apps on my phone.  Knowledge is power here folks. You can’t get healthy if you don’t know where you need to correct your health, and the UP helps you discover your true health.

The Cost


The Jawbone UP is only $129!  That might seem steep to some, but to me it seems like quite the bargain! Remember, we are connecting to our “whole” health in a holistic approach and this is the tool that helps us understand our whole health journey.

Think of this as an investment to your health.  Many people spend thousands of dollars a year on gym memberships, exercise equipment, and all the other latest fads out there.  This is a tool that will help you mange your health without anything other than YOU!  That’s right…YOU!

Improving your health is an investment in your future, your happiness and well being.  That to me is priceless.

Check Out More Details & Where You Can Purchase A Jawbone Up


My Activity Level Before and After


Before I purchase my UP band, I thought I was a very active person.  I was a bit in shock the first time I hooked my UP band up and calculated my steps.  What….I was only moving 4,000-5,000 steps a day?  

Before I started my website, I was extremely active running after 3 young girls!  By the end of the day, I was just plain exhausted!  When I started Whole Lifestyle Nutrition, it was a hobby that I tended to a couple times a week.  As we have grown, we have definitely moved into a business and I am so grateful for that!  But with growth, I am required to sit in a chair at my computer and quite frankly I have become very sedentary.

My UP band holds me accountable and I hold myself accountable.  This tool opened my eyes to getting more active and has helped me move to a healthier lifestyle.  I am now very conscious of my activity level.  I look for ways to stay active and am motivated like never before to get healthy!  For the month of June I walked almost 400,000 steps!  That is just shy of 160 miles!!  Wowzers right?  

This is why I love my jawbone UP! It makes me consciously aware of the areas I am doing great in and the areas that I need to improve upon.  That folks is pretty powerful don’t you think?  

I’m Seeing A Challenge in The Near Future!


Who’s IN For A Challenge? So you tell me.  I am thinking about setting up another 30 day challenge: A 10,000 steps a day challenge.  I would love the participants to have a Jawbone UP, but if you do not, then a pedometer will work with tracking your steps.  

I could set up a private Facebook group for participants and for those of you who do have a jawbone up, I will add you to my team and you can have access to my sleep, eating patterns and movement and we could get motivated through one another.

Think you might be interested in a walking challenge?  

If so, leave a comment below…I’m in if you are!! :)

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5 thoughts on “Why I Love My Jawbone UP!”

  1. Rachelle Washington says:

    still to hot for me to walk in August. Still to busy canning and preparing for winter in Sept. Wrong months for me.

  2. Carol Ann James says:

    Do you need an i phone to use the app?

  3. RobinL says:

    Love your challenges, Halle, so count me in!

  4. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition says:

    it works with any smartphone Carol, so iphone or android it will work.

  5. Cheryl Hoban says:

    I bought two and both were broken out of the box :( I was so excited for it but gave up after that!

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