Cinnamon Ebelskivers

  The Ebelskiver Scoop   An ebel-what? Ebelskiver. An ebelskiver is pronounced “e-bull-skive-er”, although, I’ve also heard other interpretations, as you can imagine.  In fact, I’ve also seen it spelled “aebleskiver.” An ebelskiver to some is a “Danish pancake” (since they are a tradition in Denmark) and to others, they are “pancakes puffs.” To me, they are pretty much “awesome!” The best part about the fall season are apples, which are the heart to this organic recipe. The smells coming…

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Eat Your Colors |

  Eat Your Vegetables!   Growing up I was always told to “eat your carrots” and “eat your peas.” Little did I know that the benefits of eating color was so nutritional and was an important component to good health. One time, my brother ate so many carrots, his skin even turned orange. Maybe too much of something, isn’t so good after all? Well, one thing I do know to be true, is these lovely fruit and vegetables have powerful…

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Gluten Free and Grain Free Muffins In 5 Minutes! |

Update: I had many request for nutritional information and a version of this recipe made without bananas. Check out this post that has 2 versions (one with bananas and one with applesauce) and also has the nutritional information for both recipes.  Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free Mini Muffins {2 Versions} Oh Yes…A Muffin In Only 5 Minutes! Hey everyone, Whitney here.  Need a quick fix for that sweet tooth craving? I come from a family who all have a major sweet…

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Countrywide Farmers Markets ~ A Peak Into Florida {We Have More Than Just Oranges} ~

Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is full of sun, sand, and palm trees. I live in Northwest Florida, otherwise known as the “Panhandle.” We do not experience the warmth year-round as many seem to believe. In fact, temperatures from time to time reach below freezing. However, this doesn’t stop the farmer’s markets from thriving.   Tallahassee Farmer’s Markets One of the benefits to living in a warmer climate is having several options of farmer’s markets to choose from. Here…

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Breaking Into Spring

Who’s Ready For Spring?   It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen! Springtime, that is! So what are your plans for spring? Are you the kind who breaks out their cleaning supplies for “spring cleaning”? Do you prep your gardens for beautiful flowers, fruit and veggies? Are you going to be digging through and gathering your seasonal recipes to get ready to cook and bake with fresh produce?   If you’re like me, I’d like to do a little bit of it all,…

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