Beginners Customized One on One Weight Loss Package

To Help You Get Motivated & Lose Weight!

I am currently not taking new clients.  I will inform you here when I am available for new clients again.  Thank you. 


A little information about this life changing program! 


Have you tried diet after diet and still nothing seems to work?  Often times diets are temporary fixes only to find out that all the weight will eventually come back on.  How frustrating to lose the weight and then to gain it back shortly after.  Does this sound like you?  Well I have exciting news for you!   You do not have to diet to lose weight or to be healthy ever again!  Let me say that again!  You do not have to diet to lose weight or to be healthy!

I know sounds a bit crazy, but let me explain.  We are all unique individuals!  What is right for one person could be totally wrong for the next.  That is why diets don’t work.  Each one of us have unique individual needs.  There is no greater or more powerful influence on your health than the food you eat.  By eating according to your Metabolic Type, you can make food your medicine and not your poison.  Only the right foods eaten in the right proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates can be fully converted to energy.

Lets look at an example of a lion and an elephant.  The metabolic “engines” of a meat eating lion have totally different genetically-based fuel requirements than those of a vegetarian elephant.  If you were to put an elephant on a meat eating diet, it most likely would get very sick and eventually die.  The same is true for a meat eating lion.  It could not survive on an elephants vegetarian diet.  Human beings are the same way.  No two individuals are alike and it is very important to figure out which foods and proportions are right for you!

Through Metabolic Typing, you can discover your own individual needs and start eating the right foods to properly nourish yourself!  In my beginners program, you will find out what your metabolic type is and how you can choose the right foods that will properly fuel your body.  Once you start eating the right foods and proportions for your individual requirements, you will naturally start to lose weight without ever dieting.  So are you ready to discover your metabolic type and stop this yo yo dieting once and for all?  This is going to be a life altering moment for you.



Here is what you get in this package!


  • One on one personal support to keep you on the right track
  • A complete program for your weight loss journey
  • 1 hour consultation via Skype, phone or in person
  • Basic Metabolic Typing questionare
  • Results of your metabolic typing test
  • A detailed list of whole, unprocessed foods that is right for your metabolic type
  • Detailed list and resources of acceptable foods and links to where you can purchase these ingredients (local clients can purchase a personal shopping trip with me for an additional $35 a trip)
  • One weeks meal plan and grocery list specifically designed for you!
  • Food Log Record Sheets
  • 24/7 one on one email support for 1 month to help you get started (additional monthly email support is $35 a month)
  • A weekly review of  food choices, challenges, success and action steps to improve your health
  • Motivational support
  • A copy of our beginners ecookbook ~ The Whole Lifestyle Cookbook, Real Food Made Simple


How Much?


I wanted to make this package affordable for all!  So I am very pleased to offer all of this for ONLY $96.60!  Do you think turning your health around is worth $97?  I do!  You are worth it!

But wait!  We are offering an introduction price for 20% OFF for a Limited Time ONLY (coupon code: HEALTHY 2012)!  That’s ONLY $78.88!

I am currently not taking new clients.  I will inform you here when I am available for new clients again.  Thank you.


Remember you get an entire program to get you started that includes one on one personal support, a one hour consultation, one on one monthly email support, your metabolic type, a list of food choices that are right for you, review of your daily record sheets, motivational support, weekly reviews of challenges and successes and much more all for ONLY $78.88!



What if I already know my metabolic type? 


Do you know your metabolic type and just need some additional support from month to month?  We have that too!  Check out our One on One Monthly Weight loss Counseling and our Consultations by the Hour for additional support!  We are here to help!  Lets get you healthy and vibrant!  You deserve that!


Still have questions?


Still have some questions?  No problem!  If you have any questions feel free to email me at or you can contact me here.