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Free 8 Week Challenge | WholeLifestyleNutrition.comFirst of all, Congratulations on taking the 8 week dumbbell challenge!  You will be amazed how tone and fit you will get just by incorporating weights into your exercise routine and eating right for your metabolic type!  If you missed our pre challenge details, no worries!  We really would like to hear your story and get to know you a bit better.  We also are including an area where you can share your story, post a before and after picture and sign up for this challenge.  It is not required but highly recommended.  It is much easier to follow a program if you have a group of people supporting you and cheering you on.  We are that group! :-)   So head on over to our pre challenge details post: Sculpt The Body of Your Dreams With This FREE 8 Week Challenge.   You can always find these workouts by going to the top of this page and click on the “Coaching” tab and there will be a “Free 8 Week Dumbbell Challenge” tab.  Click on that for all past workouts.  It is important to start at the beginning of this challenge and work your way through the program how it is laid out.

Here is the first workout and the start of this program!


Sculpt The Body of Your Dreams With This FREE  8 Week Challenge!



So here is how this challenge is going to work  


  • This challenge can be started at anytime.  Always start with week 1, week 2, week 3…week 8 and so on.  Once you start the challenge, continue on it for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • For your next  8 weeks, I have pre done daily posts with the exercises that you need to do for your specific week.  Each week you will be given a dumbbell routine on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and a stretching routine on Saturday/Sunday.
  • A library of workouts can be found under the “coaching” tab at the top of this website under “Free 8 Week Dumbbell Challenge”  I am doing this as I go and the start date is January 7, 2013 so please note that the library won’t be complete until 8 weeks from that date.  Follow along with us!  We will be doing updates on our Facebook Page as we work our way through this program.  
  • I will include an animated image (courtesy of an amazing free site & showing you how to do the exercise.  
  • The only equipment needed is an exercise ball and dumbbells.
  • You will get 4 workouts a week showing you how to do the exercises:  3 dumbbell workout routines and 1 stretch workout routine.  
  • So if I work your chest and arms, then I will not work them the next few days and so forth.  I will work different muscles throughout this program.
  • Support can be found at any time in the posts below the animated exercises in the comment section that reads “Join The Conversation” & on our Facebook Page.  Every comment will be answered.  Share your support, successes, challenges, questions, and feedback in this section.
  • Incorporate this exercise program into your daily exercise routine and you will be amazed how tone and fit you can get in 8 weeks!  
  • Don’t have an exercise routine?  Start out with this 8 week challenge and you will see results!  
  • Please sign in (below) so we can get to know you better.  If you would like to submit a before and after picture, fill the form out below!  We would love to see your transformation! (this is not required)
  • Once your 8 week Dumbbell Challenge is done, challenge yourself again for another 8 weeks but increase your weights to intensify your workouts!
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Please Sing In & Share Your Story With Us


  • One of the easiest ways to stick with a program is to do it with a group of like minded people.  Well we are your group! :) Please sign in so we can get to know you and help you through this.  
  • We would love to hear your story!  Anything goes…struggles, successes, challenges, victories, you get the idea! 
  • We also would love to see your transformation from this 8 week challenge.  Please feel free to leave us a before and/or after picture in the form below.   

Please note:  This is not required.

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Tell Us Your Story


Before You Get Started

It is important to note that not all exercises are suitable for everyone.  Before attempting a new exercise take into account factors such as flexibility, strength, and overall health to determine whether or not a particular exercise is appropriate for you.
This, like any exercise, is inherently dangerous and can result in personal injury.  Any injury sustained from proper or improper use of this exercise program is solely the responsibility of the exerciser.  Whole Lifestyle Nutrition and its partners disclaim any liability from injury sustained from the use of this exercise program and suggest that you consult your professional healthcare provider before attempting any exercise or exercise program.

Are you up for the challenge?  


I will have a section under the “Coaching” tab called “Free 8 Week Dumbbell Challenge” where you can go back and view past workouts.  Please note in these pictures you will see a workout bench.  You do not have to use a workout bench if you do not have one.  Most of these exercises can be done right on your exercise ball.  I use my ball as a bench, and a chair.  No expensive equipment needed.  How easy is that?  

As always, listen to your bodies language.  If you feel pain, stop.  I do these exercises in circuit format.  Here is an example of how I completed my workout.


 Sculpt The Body of Your Dreams |


Day 1  (Muscle Areas Worked: Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Abs) 


My first circuit was as follows.  

I followed the intermediate level.

First Set:

  • 12 reps of Biceps Curl 
  • 12 reps Triceps Kickback, both sides (I used the exercise ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Bench Press (I used the ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Kneeling One Arm Row, both sides (I used the ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Lateral Raise 
  • 12 reps of Dumbbell side bend 

**I did this set with no breaks in between.  After you finish this set, take a 2-4 minute break and then repeat the circuit and start your second set.

Second Set:

  • 12 reps of Biceps Curl 
  • 12 reps Triceps Kickback, both sides (I used the exercise ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Bench Press (I used the ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Kneeling One Arm Row, both sides (I used the ball as my bench)
  • 12 reps of Lateral Raise
  • 12 reps of Dumbbell side bend


Exercises for Day 1


Biceps Curl

Biceps Curl
  • Stand up and hold one dumbbell with each hand down the side of your body, palms facing each other.
  • Raise both dumbbells until they reach your shoulders’ height and slowly lower them back down after a short pause.
  • Try NOT to jerk your upper body in an effort to help you lift the weights.

Triceps Kickback

Triceps Kickback
  • Put your knee and hand on a bench and grab a dumbbell with your other hand, palm facing your body, upper arm parallel to your body.
  • Push the dumbbell back by extending your elbow and allow it to slowly return after a short pause.
  • Keep your upper arm still throughout.

Bench Press

Bench Press
  • Lie down on your back on a bench and hold 2 dumbbells at chest level along your body, palms facing your feet.
  • Raise the dumbbells straight up until your elbows are close to being locked and lower them back slowly after a short pause.
  • Breathe out when raising the dumbbells and breathe in when lowering them back.

Kneeling One Arm Row

Kneeling One Arm Row
  • Put your knee and hand on a bench and grab a dumbbell with your other hand.
  • Lift the dumbbell straight up without moving anything else than your arm and lower it back down after a short pause.
  • Breathe out when raising the dumbbell and in when returning to starting position.

Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise
  • Stand up and hold one dumbbell with each hand in front of your hips, palms facing each other.
  • Raise the dumbbells to your sides until your arms are close to being parallel to the ground and lower them back down after a short pause.
  • Try to maintain the angles in your elbows still throughout.

Dumbbell Side Bend

Dumbbell Side Bend
  • Hold a dumbbell with one hand along the side of your body.
  • Tilt your upper body to the side that holds the dumbbell and bring it back after a short pause. Complete your set and change sides.
  • Be careful not to tilt your upper body too far sideways where it may be difficult to bring it back.

 Exercise Images courtesy of


Do you have questions?  Need some additional support?  

Do you have any questions?  Leave us your comments in the comment section below.  Did you have any challenges?  Did you enjoy your workout?  Need more clarification on any of the exercises?  Would love to hear your feedback, questions, concerns and successes along the way.  We are here to support one another through this awesome 8 week challenge :)

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22 thoughts on “Week 1, Monday ~ Free 8 Week Dumbbell Challenge”

  1. debbymantell says:

    Just finished. I did 2 sets of 12 with 5 pound weights.

    1. hallecottis says:

      @debbymantell Yeah Debby!  I am off to do my workout now!  How do you feel?

      1. debbymantell says:

        @hallecottis Feel good!

    2. RobinL says:

       Same here…2 sets with 5 lbs weights except I used 8 lb for the last excercise.

  2. RobinL says:

    Just completed day 1…2 sets with 5 lb weights.  Thanks Halle for getting me motivated :)  Looking forward to the next 7 weeks and 6 days! lol

  3. hallecottis says:

    Just completed my workout this morning…used 10# weights and 12# for the dumbbell curl and dumbbell side bend (I have been doing this challenge for quite some time and have worked my way up to a higher weight amount…if just starting, please start with a lower amount…5# is a good starting point.)  I did 3 sets, was feeling super ambitious and I feel great and super energized!  I bet I am a bit sore tomorrow :)

  4. Tarapy says:

    Yeah.  So excited just completed 2 sets 5 lbs.  Last exercise I used 8 lbs.  Walked 35 minutes this a.m.  You go girls!

  5. Ann says:

    As a former fitness instructor and someone who had rotator cuff surgery approx. 3 1/2 years ago, I strongly encourage light weights on the lateral raises. My surgeon, an avid exerciser and physician to many doctors (think quality) said something that made a lot of sense to me. He asked me, “When in real life to we ever mimic this exercise?” The answer is clearly, “At no time so we mimic this weighted motion.” Yes, this move helps develop pretty shoulders, but at what price? I never used anything heavier than an 8 lb dumbell for lat raises, never completed more than 2 sets and only lifted at max. 3x’s per week. Listening to an active, surgeon whose so skilled that he’s the “go to” shoulder guy for physicians themselves is a sound investment. They’re the ones that deal with the results of stressing body parts in ways that aren’t helpful aside from vanity.

    1. RobinL says:

      Good point Ann, and thanks for the insight :)

  6. FrancineWyse says:

    I know I’m a little late doing the Monday challange but I got there, I’ll catch up, enjoyed it

  7. FrancineWyse says:

    I know I’m a little late getting started but I got there!! Enjoyed it

  8. Beth J says:

    Ok, so I decided to start a week later than the rest. Really enjoyed the workout. I agree about the lateral raises. I have neck issues, so was super careful.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Welcome Beth! Always listen to your bodies language…glad you were super careful. Keep us posted as you progress through this challenge!

  9. debbymantell says:

    Just started this again after a week away. The first 8 weeks went well, I can definitely see the changes in my arms. I am sticking with the 2 sets for now but have upped the reps from 12 to 15. Still using 5 pd weights but will be buying the next level here shortly. This is a great workout routine!

    1. hallecottis says:

      @debbymantell I am so glad you are enjoying it! :)

  10. Molly says:

    I am not seeing dedicated ab exercises even though they are listed as part of the daily workouts.
    Am I missing them somewhere?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      We have exercises in most of the workouts that work the abs. I also have a few days for all abs. They might not be what you are use to seeing, look at day one…the dumbbell side bend works the abs.

  11. Jennifer Horner says:

    In the instructions between set 1 and set 2 you have “**I did this set with no breaks in between. After you finish this set, take a 2-4 minute break and then repeat the circuit and start your second set.”
    What do you mean by repeat the circuit? Do set 1 again then do set2?
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Louise says:

    Started the 8-week program today. Feels terrific!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Keep us posted Louise!

  13. Louise says:

    Last week was a false start. Began again today!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      The important part here is that you started again! Great job!

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