Handmade Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

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A Little Bit of Info

Did you know one of the best ways to diffuse essential oils is right through a clay diffuser necklace?

Yay, that's right…right through a necklace. Here is the cool part! I have created a pendant that is handmade by me! It is free formed and often has interesting texture along the edges. Each is hand smoothed, and slight irregularities are a mark of the individualized process used in making them.

These diffuser necklaces work like no others!  Here is the really cool part! Once you place a drop of oil on the back side of the diffuser necklace (that's right, you only need one drop), the heat of your body penetrates the essential oils to begin diffusing!

It is like it turns itself on and off with the heat of your own body! I mean really, how cool is that!!


Color Options

Jade Diffuser Necklace

Jade, so beautiful and our most popular color that we offer.  This color looks amazing with black and has a super gloss finish making it all that much more beautiful.

Natural Clay Diffuser Necklace

This natural color diffuser necklace is one of my favorites! You can wear this in less formal situations, wear it to knock around the house in, or just wear it with your favorite white t-shirt and relaxed jeans. Classic!

Earth Blue Diffuser Necklace

This is hands down my personal favorite color to wear!  It is painted lightly so that the natural colors of the the clay can peek through the paint.  Can be dressed up or worn with everyday wear.

Limited Edition Turquoise Diffuser Necklace

Turquoise is our limited edition and will only be offered while supplies last.  This wildly popular necklace is hand painted with partial to complete coverage so that just a little bit of the clay comes through. It is left with the unfinished back allowing oils to easily be diffused.  An absolute beauty!

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How To Use These Diffuser Necklaces

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Some More Info For You!

Dimensions of Necklaces

  • Each pendant is about the size of a half dollar coin
  • Each pendant has a 20 inch long brown or black cording
  • Each pendant has a clay bead to fasten. 

Self Diffusing 

Fun to wear, with or without the addition of essential oils, but the really neat feature is that when using essential oils, the heat of your body penetrates the essential oils to begin diffusing!

It is like it turns itself on and off with the heat of your own body! I mean really, how cool is that!!

After a couple of days, the oil dissipates enough that a different oil can be added. It is important to note that these diffuser necklaces are not waterproof! 

Unfinished Clay Side

The back of the pendants are unglazed, leaving them ready for the essential oil of your choice.

Simply hold flat and add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil.

Spread the oil around the pendant with your finger, allow to dry for 15 minutes and then put it on.  That's it! 

Made With Non-Toxic Materials

Because the front of each necklace pendant is sealed with a nontoxic glaze, it takes longer for the oils to dissipate, and the aroma lasts longer.

The glaze is not affected by the oils, but you should be careful to clean stray oil off the edges and the back of the pendant before wearing. It typically takes about 15 minutes for the essential oils to absorb into the clay.

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