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For years I have walked through the produce center and walked right by the coconuts.  I have always wanted to buy a coconut, but I had no idea how to open them or what to do with it once I got it open!  So awhile back, I set out to conquer  my fear of a coconut :)  To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad after all and was actually quite easy.  Yes it will take about 5 minutes to open and get the meat out, but it is well worth the effort!

Did you know that you can get all this from 1 coconut?  Coconut water, coconut milk, dehydrated coconut flakes or fresh coconut flakes, coconut flour, coconut butter/cream?  All these products for about $1.99 and a little work!

This week I am posting a 4 video series about coconuts.  You will learn the following:

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If you should have any questions about this first video, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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7 thoughts on “How To Cut Open A Coconut And Get Coconut Water (Video 1 Of A 4 Video Series)”

  1. AddieDupreOld says:

    I recently purchased two whole coconuts.  The first one I opened was horribly moldy inside and had a very bad smell.   It was heavy and full of stinky coconut water.   The second one I opened looked good, the water tasted good but the coconut meat had a strange taste.  I inspected them well before buying and still got bad ones.  Is there something more I need to know about how to pick good coconuts?

  2. Sandy K says:

    I thought that would be harder to do.  I must try this.

  3. margie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your you tube videos.I think you did a great thing helping me understand more about how to open and use a coconut.Now I will make my own coconut flour and butter.I have bought covonuts before and fault to open them, then picked at the meat, not able to use it all.Feeling so disapointed.You have made it all look so easy, I am ready to get another coconut.Thank you again.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Happy to help! :)

  4. Betts Passmore says:

    I live in the DR and here the coconuts are green not brown and hairy. This type of coconut contains more water. Will green coconuts work too?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      I don’t see why not!

  5. Saliyma Houston says:

    What kind of food processor do you use in your videos about coconuts

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