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What Is Sun Tea?


I can remember when I was a little girl my mom used to always put out a pitcher of tea to brew in the sun. That was a sure sign that summer was here.

I didn’t know any better back then, I just thought that this was how tea was brewed. I don’t think my mom had ever brewed tea on the stove top or with a kettle…she just brewed it in the sun, or sometimes she even made moon tea.

So just what is this organic sun tea recipe all about?

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  • It is about childhood memories (for me at least).
  • It is about crisp and delicious tea.
  • It is about having a refreshing summertime drink that is really good for you!

Sun tea is tea that is brewed in the sun. The warmer the day, the stronger the brew. It really is quite simple to make and trust me when I say that once you make this organic sun tea recipe, you will not venture back to the kettle ever again!

Brewing Instructions


So here is the low down on how to make this organic sun tea recipe.

You will need a glass jar of some sort. Do Not Use Plastic!! Here are the ones that I like to use:

Half Gallon Wide Mouth Canning Jars (6 Count)

Get more then one jar, I like to have several brewing at one time so I don’t run out. I also use the other 1/2 gallon jars to brew kombucha! If you haven’t brewed kombucha yet, be sure to check out my how to series on brewing kombucha tea!

Sun Tea |

Now here is where you can customize your brew. For a 1/2 gallon of sun tea you need 5 tea bags.

Here is my favorite combination:

  • 1 organic black tea bag
  • 2 organic green tea bags
  • 2 organic flavored tea bags

Place the some filtered water into a half gallon glass jar. Add the tea bags and place the lid on and set the tea out in the sun. Allow to brew 6 hours.

You may need to adjust the time of your brew depending on how warm it is and how bright the sun is.

Look at the color of the tea and that is a good indicator of when it is done. The darker the color the stronger the brew.

Once your brew is done, remove tea bag and pour your sun tea over some ice. Deliciousness all the way!!!

Why Not Try Some Moon Tea


Instead of using the sun, feel free to use the moon for some moon tea. Moon tea is tea that is brewed in the moon light.

Place the tea outside in the moonlight. Full moons are especially good for moon tea. Allow the tea to steep overnight or for 12 hours. Remove tea bags and serve over ice.

Note that moon tea typically is not as strong. If you would like a stronger brew, add an extra bag of black tea for a total of 6 tea bags.

Share Your Thoughts


What are some of your favorite summertime drinks?

Final Comment


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  1. Chef Art Moskowitz says:

    We have been making sun tea for years. Helps to live in a warm climate.

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