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How To Start A Garden Today!


Hey guys, am I ever excited to share with you all this great information on starting your own garden!  I have found an amazing resource to help you start, grow and harvest food from your garden.

Lets face it, gardening can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing.  But what if I told you that there is this awesome website that will simplify everything for you and will make gardening super easy?  Would you be interested?

Great news, there is a website that does it all for you (except the actual planting of course) and you want to know the best part?  IT IS FREE!

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Start A Garden In 5 Easy Steps |

The Most Powerful Resource Any Gardener Could Ever Have ~


Ok so the video above really gives you some insight on what has to offer.  Here are just a few things:

  • Informative how-to videos to get you started
  • Customize gardening plan specific for the area you live in
  • A customizable graph/map that you specify for your gardening space
  • A guide to help you maximize your gardening space
  • A plant guide and resources on where you can purchase seeds
  • A customized to do list to inform you each week of what needs to be done in your garden
  • A customizable journal that is so simple and easy to use

And much much more!  I can not recommend this website enough, it is perfect for gardeners of any skill and y’all, it is FREE!  Kind of crazy right?

How To Start A Garden In 5 Easy Steps!


1. Sign Up For Free Account


First you need to sign up for your free account, it takes less then 1 minute to sign up!

Sign Up For Free Account |

2. Customize Your Gardening Plan


Smart Gardener makes it so easy to customize your garden plan for the area that you live in.  Follow these easy steps!

5 easy steps to start a garden |

 3. Follow Your Weekly To Do List


Once you have everything set up, Smart Gardener will email you a weekly to do list.  Don’t worry, it isn’t overwhelming…it is just to let you know when you should plant certain crops and how to care for them.

If you are starting your garden from seeds, it will help you plan when to start them indoors so that they are ready for transplant when the time comes in your area. It will look something like this:

Start A Garden In 5 Easy Steps |

4. Journal your experience


A really cool feature is that Smart Gardener automatically documents your whole gardening season! Remember guys, every gardening season is different.  It is important to keep a journal so you can see what worked and what didn’t from year to year.

Start a Garden in 5 Easy Steps |

5. Use The Tools Available To Help You


Smart Gardener also helps you with other problems or challenges you might come with.  Having soil issues?  Smart Gardener can help.

How about pest issues?  Yep, they can help with that too!

Have I sold you on this FREE website yet? ~  Yay, I am pretty excited about this!  This is my second year using this amazing website, and I could not imagine a gardening season without it!

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The Most Important Resource Any Gardener Could Ever Have |


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