Gluten Free Vegan Bread Recipe |

The Best Gluten Free VEGAN Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Taste! {Egg Free}

  • Author: Halle Cottis
  • Prep Time: 20
  • Cook Time: 50
  • Total Time: 70
  • Yield: 1 loaf 1x
  • Category: bread
  • Method: baking
  • Cuisine: american


A delicious nutty bread the whole family will love!



  1. In a small bowl add the sugar, active dry yeast and warm water (for me I just got it out of the tap at the hottest setting and let it sit for 1 min). Stir until dissolved and let this sit and bloom for 10 minutes.
  2. In a standing mixer, add the flour and salt and blend for 15 seconds.
  3. Add the yeast mixture to the flour blend and blend on low for 30 seconds.
  4. In a small bowl add the neat egg with 1/4 cup water and stir.
  5. Add the olive oil, apple butter, and egg substitute mixture to the batter and blend on high for 3 minutes or until the batter becomes smooth.
  6. Cover the bowl with a towel and allow the dough to rise in a warm place for an hour.  I heated my oven to 100F and then turned the oven off and placed it in the oven for an hour.
  7. Grease and 8″ x 4″ bread pan (I like this one) with olive oil.  Stir the dough after it has risen for an hour and gently place into the prepared bread pan.
  8. Cover with a piece of greased plastic wrap and loosely lay on top and allow the bread to rise in a warm place for another 20-30 minutes or until the loaf rises to the top of the loaf pan.
  9. Preheat the oven to 350F and bake the bread for 40-45 minutes.  The bread will be golden brown on top and have a hard shell.
  10. Remove from pan and completely cool before slicing into.  Once cool, slice and enjoy.