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Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

 Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer


Would you believe me if I told you that you could extend your gardening season to be 4 months longer?  Think of how much more you could grow with 4 extra months!

You might believe that this can be done but when I tell you that you can do this for less than $10, you might be a bit skeptical.  I am here to show you how easy it is!  

This project will take you 10 minutes to put up, requires little to no watering and will cost you less than $10.  Sound good?  I sure think it does!  

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A Little Thing Called A Hoop House


So just what is this?  I call it a hoop house.  Not sure if that is the correct name or not….but it sounds good.  My neighbor and I did this project yesterday in less than 10 minutes.  She was nice enough to allow me to shoot some photos while she put hers up!  Thanks Tracy! :)  

We live in Wisconsin and we have brutal winters (with exception of this year).  I usually start planting early May and my garden comes to an end in late September.  By putting this hoop house up, we were able to plant in March and will extend our season though November!  That is 4 extra months!  

You will be amazed how easy it is to put up and also how easy it is to maintain.  Once up, the hoop house creates its own moisture (humidity) and keeps the soil warm creating a perfect environment for the plants to flourish.  The plants are protected from frost and hard freezes in this self made hoop house.

Building A Hoop House In 4 Easy Steps


So lets build this hoop house shall we? Here is what you will need to get started.

  • 1/2-inch PVC pipe (they are sold in 10 foot pieces).  Depending on the size of your garden/raised bed, you will need one of these for every 3-4 feet. These cost roughly 1.50 a piece.
  • cement pavers – you will need about one every 3-4 feet.  These will cost you about  $.30 cents a piece.
  • 1 piece of 3 mil clear plastic sheeting, make sure it is large enough to cover your bed.  This will cost you about $3.00 
  • handheld  saw to cut the pipes.  You can also have your home improvement center cut them for free.

Step 1 ~ The first thing you want to do is saw the PVC pipes to 7 feet long.

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

Step 2 ~ Next put the PVC pipe into the soil and bend it to the other side.  PVC piping is very flexible.  This will make a dome like shape.

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

Step 3 ~ Drape your plastic over the PVC creating a dome like sturcture.

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

Step 4 ~ Place cement pavers or bricks around the perimeter of the bed securely holding the plastic down.  You should place enough bricks around the hoop house so that cool air stays out and  the air in the hoop house stays in to create the proper humidity.

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

The Finished Product


Once you are done, this is what your hoop house should look like.  I know, how simple was that right??

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

Look at these two photos. The plants were grown in the hoop house here in Wisconsin.  The average temperature has been around  45-50ºF and the evenings have been in the low 30’s.  

These were planted last month and are ready for harvest already.  Pretty amazing how these hoop houses create such beautiful healthy plants that thrive in this environment.

Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |

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Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10 |


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44 thoughts on “Extend Your Gardening Season Up To 4 Months Longer For Less Than $10”

  1. Wendy Zeimantz says:

    Wonderful idea! I think I will use that in my gardens here in OR!

  2. loves2spin says:

    Very Nice Tutorial!  Thank you so much.  I have a walk-into-it hoop house and actually grow things in such a way that we have fresh greens all winter.  With your idea, if I need more space, we’ll be all set and I’m going to share this with my gardening daughter too.

    1. hallecottis says:

       @loves2spin I am glad this post is helpful to you!  It really is quite simple to do this.

  3. Great Post! I hop over from the hop! I will be building a couple of these this fall! I hope to visit often here! Anyone interested can come garden at:

    1. hallecottis says:

       @TheRedeemedGardener Welcome!

  4. thats_sew_jenni says:

    How do you water your garden if its got that cover on it?

    1. hallecottis says:

       @thats_sew_jenni a few things here…you won’t need to water very often because it is so humid in there and it creates its own moisture.  If you do need to water, look at the last pictures in this post…you simple undo the bricks on one side and lift the plastic off, water, and then cover it back up.

    2. Karen Jackson Simmons says:

       @thats_sew_jenni I use soaker hoses in my raised beds…just hook up the garden hose to the soaker hose and there you have it!

      1. hallecottis says:

         @Karen Jackson Simmons  @thats_sew_jenni Great idea Karen!

  5. Karen Jackson Simmons says:

    Thanks for sharing…too easy!!!

  6. Adrienne Whole New Mom says:

    Love this. Thanks!  I was hoping we’d be able to do this but I didn’t know it was so easy. Thanks so much for sharing!!!  I’m going to share on FB!

  7. lom8nance says:

    That’s a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. OurNaturalJourn says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I pinned it:

    1. hallecottis says:

       @OurNaturalJourn Your welcome, thanks so much for pinning!

  9. Chandelle says:

    This is basically a floating row cover. A hoop house is more like a free-standing greenhouse. I’m hoping to do this myself this year. Great idea!

    1. hallecottis says:

       @Chandelle Ahhhh the right name :)  Thank you so much!  

  10. BeyondThePeel says:

    I see a lot of this in my area and thought it was a great idea. Thank you for your inspiration and thanks for coming by and sharing it at Whole Food Wednesdays.

  11. This is an excellent idea, and a wonderful way to extend the growing season frugally!

  12. airynd says:

    I went out and bought the supplies for this setup a couple of days after Adrienne from Whole New Mom shared it with me. Great idea! I wish I’d seen it last month, when I really needed it. As soon as I got them built, our temperatures rocketed up into the 70’s and 80’s. [sigh] However, it’ll be super handy in the fall, and going forward! Important safety tip: .3 mil painter’s plastic is NOT the same as 3 mil – DERP. I bought the wrong stuff on the first try, and it pretty much shredded if I looked at it funny. Oy.

    1. hallecottis says:

       @airynd good safety notice :)  Glad it is working out now and it will be super beneficial in the fall to carry your harvest all the way up to the first snow fall.  Thanks for sharing your progress with us :)

  13. amprotec says:

    Excellent posting
    I am sure that you have got good water tank to water these plants

  14. amprotec says:

    Excellent use of home made resources
    I will be more happy to see plants that require good <a href=””>water tanks</a> to water

  15. amprotec says:

    Excellent use of home made resources
    I will be more happy to see plants that require good water tanks to water

  16. plastic hats says:

    Wow..It’s awesome and really interesting. Now it has become easy to grow plants even without any season.. Brilliant idea..

  17. John1942 says:

    Wow. a cheaper hoop greenhouse. I use 6mil plastic for my small greenhouse, never thought about making one that I could not walk into. have to try this one this year.

  18. Nora Weston says:

    Storming here all day in Joplin, MO

  19. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition says:

    Rain or snow Nora?

  20. Jennifer Fera says:

    Gearhead Gh we should do this!

  21. Rhonda Harader Cain says:

    Nora, I know Joplin! I am in KC, grew up in Cassville.

  22. Rhonda Harader Cain says:

    Halle, rain……Nora is a couple hours south of me.

  23. Tracy Carver says:

    We hit a high of 2 degrees and still have at least a foot of snow on my garden. I’ll live through your posts!

  24. Jan Martin Whitlinger says:

    It was 86 here today… unseasonably warm!

  25. Tina Walker McCullom says:

    Jan you know us Cali folk go from crazy cold windy rain right into summer, I was dying today it was 88 here but the sun makes it feel like high 90’s

  26. Jan Martin Whitlinger says:

    Tina, still really windy here from the weekend… Allergies are crazy!

  27. Tina Walker McCullom says:

    Our wind died down last night & I’m just east from you, next time I come to the bay area we need to connect :)

  28. Jan Martin Whitlinger says:

    Hope it’s soon, Tina! That you come to the Bay Area… AND that the wind dies down! 😉

  29. Tina Walker McCullom says:

    You know it’s only a 2 hour drive

  30. The_Leslie1 says:

    Where do you buy the sheeting??

  31. shelly says:

    Do you take the plastic off in warm weather?

    1. Jerry says:

      Can seeds be started in this in April in Pa.?

      1. Halle Cottis says:

        Absolutely! Warm the soil first, then plant the seeds and cover.

  32. Do you mind iif I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back tto
    your weblog? My blog is in the exact ssame area of interest as yours and my users would genuinerly benefit from some of thhe information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Thankss a lot!

  33. Feibe Huang says:

    I was wondering if the temperature drop in 30s, will the plants survive by only covered with plastic? Or should i covered with something else to make it warmer?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Yep they will survive. My temps dropped below 0F and they did great under the plastic.

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