Meet The Contributors


We have an amazing group of people who are joining Whole Lifestyle Nutrition to deliver you some fresh, new content.  We strive to bring you great material from all different angles.  These contributors have some amazing insights on a healthier lifestyle.  

Take some time to get to know these ladies and visit their websites.  I think you will find them to be very knowledgable and I am super excited to have them join the team of writers for Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.  

We also have a great technical development team to keep Whole Lifestyle Nutrition running smoothly. Who knew blogging was so technical?  Just when you think everything is running smoothly another issue pops up.  

Our technical team helps us develop our site, improve our SEO, manage our ads, develop our social media and WordPress and stomp on any bugs that come up and much more.

Finally we have added a Virtual Assistant who manages our day to day social media accounts and can also edit posts and e-books amongst many other things.



Writers For Whole Lifestyle Nutrition



Melodie Kejr 


Melodie SheppardMelodie Kejr from Sweet Basil ‘n Spice currently lives in South Carolina with her husband Kevin and one-year-old boy.   Faith, family, missions, photography, food preparation, and studying nutrition are her biggest passions.  Melodie has a unique perspective on life due to her upbringing in West Africa and years as a missionary in Liberia. She grew up without the fast paced life of her peers and enjoyed raising animals, sewing, riding bikes, hiking in the rain forest, and trying to make American tasting foods with limited local ingredients. When she is not getting her one-year-old out of trouble, Melodie spends most of her time experimenting in the kitchen. She loves taking real food concepts to recreate meals that appeal to the average American tastes, as well as coming up with the most frugal way to eat a traditional foods diet.  Visit Melodies Website at Sweet Basil ‘n Spice



Whitney McNutt


Whitney McNuttHi! I’m Whitney. I currently live in Florida, however, I’m originally from Maryland. I am a graduate student working on my Master’s in Business Administration, while also working part-time. I have a lot of passions, some of which include food, green living, and photography. I love learning about new ways to live a healthy, organic, and peaceful life. I look forward to sharing this passion with others.  You can visit Whitney’s website at Whitney Photography






Linda Schneider


Linda SchneiderLinda Schneider currently calls Washington, D.C. home after residing in Chicago for the past 10 years. Linda’s blog focuses on seasonal recipes.  Her cooking is largely based upon what she finds at local farmers’ markets and inspired by her travels near and far.  Linda has a background in alternative medicine (chiropractic), exercise physiology, and nutrition.  She often dreams about lazy days in the Mediterranean.  You can visit Linda’s Website at Wild Greens and Sardines





Rhonda Cain


Rhonda CainWorking in health care for over 17 years, I thought I had always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle.  Almost 3 years ago I embarked on a journey and soon realized everything I had been taught to better health was actually the culprit of many of my problems.  In the process of changing to eating whole, organic foods, researching how it effect our lives, my eyes were opened to “green living”.  I began to venture out in my great city, Kansas City, which I have lived in for over 20 years, and have met some amazing people setting the pace for a local movement in the food and environment awareness scene.  I was recently appointed to lead the Green Commitee at my place of my employment.  I started the monthly newletter, The Green Odyssey in January and my goal is to educate people “living green” can be much more than recycling cans and paper; it can lead to good eats and a healthier lifestyle.



Janice Stand


JaniceStrandMy journey to nutritional therapy began over 30 years ago when I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Since then, an on-going passion for the healing aspects of foods, along with family issues and conditions have inspired my appetite for healing through nutrition. For years, I have been seeking out the keys to digestive wellbeing as it pertains to common medical conditions that lack proper treatment through traditional Western medicine. This has led me to certifications for Nutritional Therapy Practioner, GAPS™ Practioner, and Muscle-Response Testing. My practice focuses on each individual with a holistic perspective, taking into account overall health history and biological individuality.  You can visit Janice’s website at Thrive, Mind and Body



Jenna Reich


contributors | WholeLifestyleNutrition.comJenna Reich is a photographer based in Tucson, AZ. Her favorite subjects include maternity, birth, newborns and families. She loves photographing families in comfortable surroundings; or exploring new places in a candid and unaltered way. With a background in elementary education, Jenna has found a way to marry her passion for watching children grow and capturing their beauty with her photography business.  When she isn’t photographing clients, she enjoys making healthy, organic snacks and meals, hosting play dates, making home-made cleaners and bath products, and going on adventures with her two young children. Her loving and thoughtful husband keeps her life full of laughter and balance. You can view her portfolio and keep up with her latest adventures on her blogsite.



Eryn Lynum


Eryn Lynum lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s a wife, and mother of a 1-year-old son, with another boy on the way in May, 2013! She began blogging when her family set out on a journey of health in early 2012. They ditched process foods for a diet rich in whole, natural foods. She writes from the perspective of a woman once captive to a fear of food, which led her to suffer from anorexia for several years. Now her greatest fear has turned into one of her greatest passions. Her family spends their free time pursuing great, delicious, natural food. You can keep up with their venture into wholesome food at “From Famine to Foodie”, 




Technical  Development Team



Mike Zielonka


Mike ZielonkaMike Zielonka is part of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition’s technical team and makes everything run smoothly.  Mike manages day-to-day operations, and acts as a Web Strategy consultant with clients of Tuna Traffic. He spends a significant portion of his time coaching Tuna Traffic customers on web strategy and building custom client web presences. Mike’s expertise is concentrated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and WordPress Development. You can visit Mike’s website at Tuna Traffic





Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager



Brit McGinnis


britBrit McGinnis currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and works as a writer and virtual assistant. She loves writing and video games (especially action and horror!), and is on a constant mission to find the most unique food carts in Portland. This mission inspired Old School Cooking, an adventure in recipe adaptation that took her to the depths of the recipe box.
You can see samples of Brit’s work at, including her blogs Happily Cynical and The Opera Snob. She also tweets about her cooking misadventures.