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I love, love, love sweet potatoes!  One of my favorite ways to enjoy them are when they are sweet potatoes chips.  I searched high and low for a good sweet potato chip and although they are out there, they are usually filled with some form of bad oils or other harmful ingredients.  So today I am going to show you how I dehydrate my sweet potatoes into chips.  This recipe came from my dear friend Debbie who always throws me some sort of inspiration either in food or in life!  Thanks Debbie!

The first thing you want to do is wash and peel your sweet potatoes.  Slice the potatoes into the thinnest slices possible.  For this I use my mandolin.  I love this one Bron Original Stainless Steel Mandolin Slicer.  It is important to purchase a quality mandolin.  If you choose wisely, it will last you a lifetime.  

Once you peel your potatoes, place them in a large bowl and soak for 1 hour changing the water at a 1/2 hour.  Remove from water and dry the potatoes on a towel.  While they are drying sprinkle generously with unrefined sea salt.  Once dry, drizzle 1-2 tsp of melted coconut oil per potato. 

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From this point, I dehydrated them  at 145ºF for about 12 hours.  Make sure your sweet potato slices are not touching one another when they are on the trays.  Your time may vary depending on the thickness of your potatoes and the temperature you are dehydrating them at.  If you do not have a dehydrator, put your oven on the lowest setting and leave the door slightly a-jarred.  Test the chips from time to time and once you get the desired crispness your sweet potato chips are done.  

Organic Sweet Potato Chips Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2-3 servings
  • 2-3 sweet potatoes cut very thinly (I used a mandolin for this)
  • 1-2 tsp melted coconut oil per sweet potato
  • A generous amount of unrefined sea salt
  1. Peel and slice sweet potatoes as thinly as possible.
  2. Place in a bowl and soak in water for 1 hour, changing the water at the half hour point.
  3. Place on a towel to dry a bit.
  4. Drizzle coconut oil on them. Stir and coat evenly.
  5. Generously season your sweet potatoes with unrefined sea salt.
  6. Place the sweet potatoes into a dehydrator and dehydrate at 145-155 F for about 12 hours.
  7. Check your potatoes periodically to get your desired crispness.
  8. If using an oven, turn on lowest setting and leave the door slightly a-jared.
  9. Place sweet potatoes onto a cake cooking rack so that it gets proper ventilation on all sides.
  10. Cook until desired crispness.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 serving

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15 thoughts on “Amazing Organic Sweet Potato Chips Recipe”

  1. mjskit says:

    These are PERFECT sweet potato chips!  My chips always come out floppy and soggy but now I see the errors of my ways. Thanks!

  2. amhhaggerty says:

    can i use regular olive oil?

  3. merici says:

    Do you have to cook the sweet potato first

  4. pandor says:

    I tried the recipe today. I followed it exactly. The chips looked beautiful going in, like they would be perfect. After a few hours they shriveled up to the point they do not even resemble chips. Did I slice them to thin or is it something else?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I realize this is a year later, but I think I have your answer haha! The key is to slice them not too thin and not too thick… and all around the same thickness. I use a mandolin slicer, and set it at 1/8″ slices. They come out absolutely perfect! The crunch/thickness that my chips have is comparable to Tim’s Cascade Kettle chips, if you’ve had those. a thick, hearty, crunch. This is ideal because they start out very wide (2-2.5 inches wide) and will shrink up to 1/4 their original size! If they are too thin, they will come out shriveled up and not nearly as good.

      I hope that helps!

  5. Sarah says:

    Why do you soak the slices before dehydrating them?

  6. Linda says:

    What is the purpose of soaking the slices in water (meaning, what does that do to the slices to prep them for dehydrating)?

  7. Joey says:

    Soaking potatoes in water helps to remove excess starch. This will allow your chips to be crunchier. I also use this technique when baking any type/ cuts of potatoes in the oven.

  8. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for that reply. I will keep this in mind whenever dealing with any starchy veggie or tuber or other food!

  9. Nina says:

    I just got my dehydrator for xmas. Im learning slowly, but my dehydrator has high,med,low and fan only. Does not give me what temps those are. Where do i find that info out. I have a waring pro. Please help. Ty

  10. paula says:

    can you make beet chips the same way or do they need something else done to taste like a sweet snack?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Beet chips would taste amazing this way!! :)

  11. Maggie says:

    What is the purpose oft he melted coconut oil? Would this recipe work without it?

  12. Wendy says:

    Made these for my paleo Halloween party tonight and they are awesome! And 1/8″ was perfect. Thank you! (For the lady who said hers shriveled up, shaving them lengthwise will help make a larger chip.)

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