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Grain and Gluten Free Muffins That Only Take 5 Minutes To Prepare!  I

Update: I had many request for nutritional information and a version of this recipe made without bananas. Check out this post that has 2 versions (one with bananas and one with applesauce) and also has the nutritional information for both recipes.  Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free Mini Muffins {2 Versions}

Oh Yes…A Muffin In Only 5 Minutes!

Hey everyone, Whitney here.  Need a quick fix for that sweet tooth craving? I come from a family who all have a major sweet tooth. Here is a quick recipe to achieve and satisfy that sweet desire all in less than 5 minutes of preparation, without having the guilt afterward.

When I came across this recipe, I was sold when I read “5 minutes.” I was thrilled because I happened to have all of the ingredients.  Surprisingly I had apple cider vinegar,  but this has become a recent staple in the bathroom as a replacement for hair conditioner (that’s a story for another day).

I certainly can’t take full credit for this recipe.  The recipe was originally adapted from The Sweet Spot. Thank you to Tessa Domestic Diva for additional inspiration!

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Adapting This Recipe To Your Liking

What’s wonderful about this snack is the versatility and flexibility of catering it toward separate tastes in your family. The first time I tried this recipe, I use half peanut butter and half almond butter.

I adapted the original adapted recipe by adding, you name it, tupelo honey (with a couple other additions). Although I list this in the ingredients as 2 tablespoons, I found myself purposely over-pouring the second tablespoon. Simply add what the amount to reach the sweetness you prefer.

I also used my homemade vanilla extract. This consisted of a mini bottle of vodka and a sliced vanilla bean, which had been hiding in my cabinet. After making it, I simply shook it every couple of days, or so for about 4 weeks before using it for the first time.


Got 5 Minutes?  Here is the easiest grain free muffin recipe ever! I

A Rant From Halle

Hey guys, Halle here!  Thanks so much Whitney for putting together this great post!  Once again, I want to thank my friend Tessa, over at Tessa The Domestic Diva for bringing this amazing recipe to light!

Well if you are like me, these days I like to do everything mini!  I still am a strong believer that everything in moderation (with the exception of allergies or elimination diets).  Moderation is key here folks!

Now am I saying go and eat candy bars, potato chips fried in canola oil, or a stadium hot dog….Oh wait…hey, if you are at a stadium enjoying the all american game, then heck yah…a stadium dog is a must right?

It’s about living people and we can easily taboo certain foods and create a negative relationship with food.  Remember, Live right 80% of the time and your body will compensate and take care of you the other 20% of the time that you don’t.  Whoa…now that was a rant! :)

Lets Make These Things Mini!

So lets get back to these minis!  Now I just love doing things as minis, especially splurges.  These really aren’t a splurge, they actually are an incredibly protein rich snack that would be great to snack on…

But if you are like me, I just need a taste, or a few bites of something, and that is enough to satisfy any craving I might have.

So here are my minis, and oh yes I added some chocolate because I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!

Gluten Free and Grain Free Muffins In 5 Minutes! |

Can You Taste Them Through Your Screen Yet?

I mean really, don’t you just want to dive into these little jewels?  Oh my gosh, the next time I make these, (and trust me there will be a next time) I am going to add some more chocolate!

Oh and just because…here is one more picture for you to sink your teeth in…you ready to make these things yet?  Only takes 5 minutes to whip up…lets do this shall we?

Gluten Free and Grain Free Muffins In 5 Minutes! |

Gluten Free & Grain Free Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe adapted from The Sweet Spot
Serves: 12 muffins or 24 mini muffins
  • 1 cup nut butter - you can buy nut butters here
  • 2 medium sized bananas (The more ripe, the sweeter!)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (try making your own!)
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey(or other sweeteners such as maple syrup, stevia, etc.)
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • Toppings: dehydrated unsweetened coconut flakes, raisins, flaxseed, dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, and/or anything else you can think of. I added even more tupelo honey ;) Feel free to lather on apple butter, strawberry preserves, or even more peanut butter. Ever heard of carrot jam? It's very tasty with this snack, too!
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Place all ingredients into a blender or food processor. You can also use a stick blender if you have one.
  3. Blend until well mixed.
  4. Pour batter into a greased muffin tin. You can also use a mini muffin tin to make 24 mini muffins.
  5. Add additional toppings of your choice to each muffin and lightly stir into each cup
  6. Cook time: 15 minutes for full size muffins and 10 minutes for mini muffins.
  7. Reheat in a toaster oven for about 4 minutes at 350 degrees F, or eat at room temperature.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 regular muffin or 2 mini muffins


What whole food recipes with unrefined ingredients have you fallen in love with recently?

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143 thoughts on “Got 5 Minutes? Here is The Easiest Gluten Free & Grain Free Muffin Recipe Ever!”

  1. Eryn Lynum says:

    I cannot wait to try these. I love that all of the ingredients are common things that we almost always have in our house. And only 5 minutes? That’s the perfect “I’m desperate for something sweet right now!” snack! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Ani says:

    I am interested to try these!  My brother is gluten free and usually the muffins I make are made of weird flours and extracts.

  3. I’m looking forward to making these! My husband can have bananas, but any suggestions for replacing the bananas so I can enjoy them, too? Unfortunately, bananas & I don’t get along :(

    1. hallecottis says:

      @Rise And Shine Life try chunky applesauce (, just make sure it is thick applesauce, unsweetened.  It should work just fine :)

      1. Mallory says:

        hallecottis how much applesauce should we use? I too cannot eat bananas and I really want to make this recipe! Thanks so much! :)

        1. hallecottis says:

          @Mallory hallecottis I would use 1/2 cup to 2/3 of a cup.  The recipes calls for 2 medium bananas and 1 medium banana = 1/3 cup smashed.  I am whipping up a batch now and will let you know what works.

    2. Mary says:

      Try applesauce … I substitute either way

  4. Lynda Bell Wooden says:

    Cynthia Burdick

  5. Sandy Hayes Schultz says:

    Just put a batch in the oven!

  6. Susie Rodgers says:

    I made some this morning also. Chia seeds and Carob chips.

  7. helkat says:

    I have them baking as I type.. they look great so far.  Can’t wait to taste!

  8. helkat says:

    I would suggest putting them into a paper casing.  I spent more time trying to get them out of the pan than I did making the batch (and i greased well).  Lol

    1. hallecottis says:

      @helkat I used coconut oil and they seemed to be fine for me.  Thanks for the heads up!

      1. Sandu says:

        Did you use Coconut spray Pam?

  9. mikezielonka says:

    You GO HALLE!  Your “rant” is spot on!!!!!!! :)

  10. Mandi Siccardi says:

    Made these tonight with Enjoy Life mini chips. Had to keep telling my kids “No, you can not eat any more.” They would have eaten all of them had I let them. So Yummy, two thumbs up.

  11. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition says:

    Yeah Mandi! :)

  12. Mandi Siccardi says:

    Thanks whole lifestyle for posting. My middle child is gluten sensitive and my oldest son plus myself have the gene to be. I have been searching for a muffin recipe since we have gone grain free in our house. My children thank you.

  13. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition says:

    LOVE Mandi, you are so welcome. I am thinking of playing with this recipe a bit and am going to try replacing the bananas with homemade chunky applesauce…maybe and apple spice muffin? :)

  14. Alena says:

    These were a hit at our house.  I used a large ripe plantain instead of the bananas and topped with dark chocolate chips and unsweetened dehydrated coconut. Looking forward to trying more combinations soon! Thanks for the recipe :)

  15. Alena says:

    These were a hit at our house.  I used a large ripe plantain instead of
    the bananas and topped with dark chocolate chips and unsweetened
    dehydrated coconut. Looking forward to trying more combinations soon!
    Thanks for the recipe :) Oh, and I used coconut oil on the pan and had no trouble with them sticking..although I could see it being a possible problem with a well seasoned pan?

  16. Linda Marie Walsh says:

    I just made these muffins. Waiting for the last couple of minutes until they are done. 😀 My son is celiac and I am sure he will be surprised.

  17. Tami Salzmann says:

    loved these. I used coconut and chocolate chips on top.

    1. Sandu says:

      Did you use spray coconut oil, such as in Pam? Pam makes a coconut oil so I was wondering if you used that.

  18. thalianm says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this recipe. Looks really, really good and bananas are a fave here. On another note, the printer app you use in this post ended up printing out 3 pages for this one recipe. Might wanna look into changing that. Anyway, thanks.

    1. hallecottis says:

      thalianm thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! :)

  19. WOW, these look amazing! I love a fast easy and delicious looking recipe. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to repin this asap :)

    1. hallecottis says:

      Dana at Celiackiddo Thanks for sharing, as always I so appreciate it!

  20. Kate says:

    Definitely going in my recipe book! I love how simple and flexible they are – ideal for brain-dead days (which, let’s face it, is almost every day). One tip, though: if you’re using frozen, overripe bananas, you’re going to want to add 2/3 of a “regular” banana and a pinch more baking soda. It’ll increase the baking time by about 5 mins, too.

    1. hallecottis says:

      @Kate Thanks Kate, glad you let us know this.  I have some frozen mashed bananas that I just pulled out of the freezer!

  21. thtyrell says:

    Can I mix the chocolate chips and/or fruit in with the mix? Instead of just putting them on top. Thanks!

    1. hallecottis says:

      Sure can! I just made a batch tonight and did just that and they turned out fantastic!

  22. made these today using white vinegar? is the apple cider only for health purposes? These were soft and very peanut flavored, which I loved with a glass of milk. thanks for the recipe.

  23. This was delicious! I just made it this evening and I’ll definitely be making them again. Thanks for he recipe. :)

  24. Eryn Lynum says:

    This morning I had a couple of black bananas just about to pass beyond the edible point, so I finally got around to making these muffins. Oh my goodness, these are brilliant! Definitely going to be a new staple in our house!

  25. These turned out amazing! We made some with coconut on top earlier this week:
    This morning we experimented with orange extract and poppy seeds…yummy!
    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe…it’s quickly becoming a regular in our home :)

    1. hallecottis says:

      Allyson All Our Days looks delicious!  Can’t wait to try your version :)

  26. KM says:

    These were amazing! I topped them with dark chocolate, coconut and cranberry. I’m hooked! I can’t wait to try them with chunky apple sauce as a substitute for the bananas. Thanks!

    1. pilatestwit says:

      How were they with apple, we are not a banana loving family either .

      1. hallecottis says:

        Update: I had many request for nutritional information and a version of this recipe made without bananas. that has 2 versions (one with bananas and one with applesauce) and also has the nutritional information for both recipes.

    2. hallecottis says:

      Update: I had many request for nutritional information and a version of this recipe made without bananas. that has 2 versions (one with bananas and one with applesauce) and also has the nutritional information for both recipes.

  27. JD says:

    Do you think it would be possible to add cocoa powder to make these a chocolate muffin instead? If so, how much cocoa powder would you add??

    1. hallecottis says:

      That should work just fine. I would start with 1 tbsp and work my way up from there. Taste the batter and adjust as needed.

  28. mpjewels17 says:

    How many calories are in one of these?

    1. hallecottis says:

      @mpjewels17Update: I had many request for nutritional information and a version of this recipe made without bananas. that has 2 versions (one with bananas and one with applesauce) and also has the nutritional information for both recipes.

  29. Jellip99 says:

    Can you use regular butter instead of the nut butter? I don’t own any and only have regular butter in the house at the moment, help please.

    1. hallecottis says:

      Jellip99 regular butter would not work unfortunately.

  30. Janette says:

    Hi. I am looking forward to trying this. Have you tried using lemon juice for the ac vinegar?

    1. hallecottis says:

      @Janette I have not.  If you try it, let us know how it turns out.

  31. Powellburns says:

    I can’t get nut butter where I live so what could I use as an alternative please? 
    Thanks, can’t wait to try the recipe!

    1. hallecottis says:

      @Powellburns Can you get some nuts and make your own nut butter in a blender?  That would work just fine.

  32. Good post.  These muffins look more like cookie.

    1. hallecottis says:

      @Gluten Free Granola Agree, that one of these picture does look like a cookie, just the angle the photo was shot, I can assure you they are muffins :)

  33. SadieFlynn says:

    Do these come out pretty fluffy? Or are they dense?

  34. Rachel says:

    Good evening!
    I tried to cook them today, but when they had about 13 min in the oven the batter sank in the middle section. Do you know what could be the problem? The flavor was delicious though! 
    Thank you!

  35. hallecottis says:

    SadieFlynn mine weren’t dense at all, but I wouldn’t consider them fluffy either.  They have the consistency of a zucchini bread or other sweet bread

  36. hallecottis says:

    @Rachel I think they rise better as mini muffins.  Also, I noticed that if I use large bananas they sink quicker.

  37. Moondragon007 says:

    Can you use tahini in these? I’m allergic to peanuts and almonds, and cashew butter is dang expensive!

  38. hallecottis says:

    I bet you could but I would add a bit more sweetener if using tahini.

  39. Christie says:

    I just re-blogged these babies! Amazing! I think I did it right with links back. Thanks for sharing!

  40. JenniferLynn says:

    Do these have a strong banana flavor?

  41. pdslk says:

    Thank you for this recipe. I’m going to try it today. If you want to print it, just
    highlight what you want!!

  42. Erin Camden says:

    These are DELICIOUS and very easy to make. I do not follow a GF diet, but my son has a classmate that has celiac disease and I didn’t want to send cupcakes for a party without including this student! My son loved them as well as everyone in the class! They are moist and I love that you don’t have to have any special flour to make it! Thanks!

  43. mmorrow says:

    I’m trying gluten free with my youngest (18 months) and we do a lot of baking. I would hate to give up that time with him and his older brother (21 months) :)
    I did these with 3/4 c. apple sauce and had to add about 5 minutes more to the time to make sure the centers weren’t doughy.
    Thanks for the recipe. The muffins are still too hot to try but the boys are looking forwards to them!

  44. Leesa says:

    thanks for this great recipd! I wanted to make a snack to take for a play date where both of his friends are gluten intolerant. ALL the boys scarfed these down…. no left overs!:-(……and mom wants the recipe. I was so surprised how delicious these were and very few ingredients..,plus normal stuff most people have around the house. will be making these often! Thanks again for a great recipe!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      So happy to hear that the whole gang liked them :)

  45. Darraha Johnson says:

    My one issue with this recipe is the apple cider vinegar. From my understanding that during the process of making it some how there is gluten introduced. I recently found out I have celiac disease and that was one of the big do not eat items.

    1. Deborah says:

      I’d be interested in hearing more about that.

  46. Maureen says:

    Wow BRAVO! I was very skeptical but gave it a shot and these are great. I added flax and chocolate chips and a little more maple syrup. My family loved them and they are perfect since I’m trying to go gluten-free without them noticing. (Evil laugh). Great for a hit of protein to break up the crackers and cereal I’m trying to minimize. Thanks! I’m sharing on Facebook.

  47. Sabrina says:

    I’ve made this recipe at least four times and we love it! Thank you for sharing this amazing and super fast recipe!

    My oven is an older one, so my cooking time is different. I bake for ten minutes, shut the oven off, then let cool in oven to prevent sinking (about five to ten minutes). It’s worked the last three times.

    I do add shredded coconut and chocolate chips.

    My family has requested to think of ways to moisten them as mine turn a tad dry, so I’m playing with the amount of honey and considering adding applesauce or shredded zucchini in addition to the bananas. If anyone has other recommendations to add for moisture, please share!

    I like high, full volume muffins so I fill the muffin cup slightly over 3/4 full and they always turn out like a store bought muffin! Keep in mind, the yield is affected and you’ll get a few less muffins.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      zucchini and applesauce would definitely moisten them up!

  48. Matthew Kennedy says:

    I’m cooking them now but I put in gluten free corn meal more bananas and peanut butter and honey and maple syrup and two extra eggs the smell alone is making me drool lol

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      How did they turn out? Sounds good!

  49. Matthew Kennedy says:

    Next time I’m going to use banana mango strawberry and peanutbutter

  50. Tara says:

    Just made these for my two picky eaters (2yr old & 3yr old)…even though they are full of foods they generally like (bananas/peanut butter (didn’t have nut butter)) they still turned their noses up at them…*sigh* I liked them though – just hoping the bananas don’t bother my tummy though! Thanks for the recipe!

  51. kati says:

    Well I figured that since I am making these for the 3rd time this week I should post and say thank you for the wonderful/quick/Grain Free option for my family.

  52. Kristin says:

    I absolutely LOVE these muffins !!!!! I have substituted the banana for applesauce a couple times and they were great !!! I have also used organic peanut butter in place of almond butter, however not as good as the almond butter !! LOVE these !!!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      So glad you like them! I agree, almond butter has a bit of a sweeter taste then Peanut butter and I feel works better in this recipe.

  53. Mel says:

    I love these I make them a lot and in large batches :) I use peanut butter and some times homemade sunbutter.

  54. Misty says:

    My son and I are going flour free…..I am trying these tonight.

  55. christine says:

    i made these today and LOVED them! they totally satisfied my muffin craving–i recently have started eating gluten-free, and i’ve been majorly missing pastries. Couldn’t believe how healthy, easy & delicious these were–so moist, soft, & perfectly sweet!

    My notes/adaptations:
    – used homemade almond butter for the nut butter :)
    – added about 2 Tbsp ground cocoa-coconut chia seeds, 1 Tbsp ground flax
    – used even a little less than 2 Tbsp honey, & they were still sweet enough because the bananas!
    – added a bit of cinnamon
    – toppings: added dark chocolate chips~makes them so much better, in my opinion! 😀

    for those who can eat oats…i think it would be delish if you added some oat flour (just ground up oats)! you would then need to increase the liquid/sweetener a little bit…

    thanks so much for sharing this recipe! will definitely be making these again very soon, & often!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your adaptations! Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  56. Maria says:

    those muffins look delicus but what can I use instead of the nut butter I can’t have nuts right know

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      You could try seed butter

  57. Susan says:

    Haven’t made them yet, but don’t they need almond flour or some other gluten-free flour?

  58. Jeannie says:

    Do these freeze/defrost well?? These sound amazing and I can’t wait to try.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Yep they freeze great!

  59. hiba najem says:

    hello, the myffins are so so great thank you so much. just one question, why do you think they fell down when i removed them from the oven? thank you!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      If they fell, they were not done in the middle of the muffin. Cook a bit longer. If they seem brown already, then reduce the temperature and continue to cook until the center is done.

  60. Lori D. says:

    You have different oven temperatures. You have 400 degrees on this page but on your other page where you post the apple/pear sauce version and the banana version with the nutritional information, you have 375 degrees.

  61. Rachel says:

    These muffins taste really nice, not overly sweet…but love the amount of almond butter in them! Mine did stick to the muffin tin (used coconut oil as suggested) and liner papers for 3 to test that out. The muffins stuck to the papers as well. Did you wait for the muffins to cool completely before removing them from the pan? Love the recipe but half of the muffin where stuck to pan. :(

  62. Daniel says:

    Could you make this as a cake. I like the idea of slicing the size I desire each morning.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      I am not sure how it would rise. Have you seen my recipe for chocolate zucchini bread. It rises beautifully and certainly you could adapt it to be somewhat similar to that recipe.

  63. Laura says:

    These are awesome!! Can not believe there’s not flour in it. It’s sooo light and delicious! Used peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks. Thanks so much!

  64. Hi there, thanks for the glorious speedy GF recipe. Sorry if this has featured in the last 108 comments – BUT, anyone else (including yourself) have them rise wonderfully then sink straight back down into a little dip? Very Sad :( any solutions let me know!


  65. Michelle says:

    Just a question, I stuck a toothpick in my muffins after 15 minutes and it came out covered in batter. Stuck them in for 3 more minutes but wanted to know if this is normal… Thanks!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      They should come out somewhat clean. Are you doing mini muffins or full size muffins? I find that mini muffins do best with this recipe.

  66. Jeanne says:

    Just made a batch. Pretty tasty. I used sunflower butter since I’m attempting to bring them into school for cupcakes. Son says more carob chips!

  67. Michelle says:

    Just made these with 1 cup pumpkin purée and they are awesome! Added spices and walnuts and they are perfect for the fall! Thanks!!!!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      I was just thinking of doing this! Glad they turned out! :)

  68. Debra says:


  69. Debra says:

    I often substitute applesauce for bananas, and I add a little flax (1/4 to 1/2 cup) because the applesauce is more watery than bananas.

  70. Lisa Kerr says:

    I just made these with Sunflower seed butter as the kids can’t have nut butters at school and the inside is green!! I’m not sure why? They still taste great though!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      That is a normal reaction with sunflower seeds, you are fine to eat them.

  71. sue says:

    So glad to know that!! I made two dozen with sunbutter, and they just keep getting greener! But these are fantastic. My GF kids love muffins for breakfast, but I hate giving them protein-free starch in the morning. These are the perfect solution. Thanks!

  72. laneybird says:

    i LOVE theese muffins ! i make them for my little brother who is glutten free . I am going put this recipe on my blog !

  73. Mellina says:

    I’ve read through all the comments and didn’t see the following question posted: is there a substitute for the egg? Sorry if this is a repeat question and I missed it. This recipe is truly delicious, truly 5 minutes, and the muffins have turned out perfectly each time, thank you! Now trying to deal with an egg allergy. Applesauce maybe and if so, how much?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      I have not tested this recipe without eggs. I do feel it is an essential ingredient for the success of this recipe. If you do sub it out, I would had some baking powder.

  74. karlee says:

    Can i use all peanut butter instead of nut butter? We cannot have almonds unfortunately, or regular butter.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Sure, not sure how it will taste, but do let us know. :)

  75. Daizee says:

    This recipe wirks beautifully with butternut squash. Going to try pumpkin now.

  76. AT says:

    Can these be made with an egg replacement like a chia/flax egg? Thank you.

  77. Melody says:

    Made these today as mini-muffins. Wow they are so delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  78. Jessica Rietema says:

    Would these freeze ok to save for later? Thanks! Jessica

  79. Taz says:

    I made a half batch. I was afraid of another gross gf recipe. I was pleasantly surprised for fluffy lil muffins! Here is what I did:

    I used half almond and half peanut butter
    I used 1 1/2 TBS RAW honey
    I used 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

    The rest as written. Next time I will make a full batch, use riper (way more brown spots, more like almost black bananas, or mostly brown), use ONLY peanut butter.

    I loved the texture. The almond butter made these more bland than I would have liked. I will be posting these on my site! Thank you!

  80. Kelly B says:

    This looks amazing! And no flours? Wow! I was wondering if I could add some gluten free protein powder to this to make them protein muffins?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      There is a lot of protein already in these with the nut butter.

  81. Lisa says:

    These are awesome!! I have made these twice now.. since it has only been two days since I found the recipe, that is great! First time I made these as written, but cut recipe in half… ya know to be safe incase I didn’t like them. Unfortunately when it comes to GF baked goods, they usually are nasty. I definitely recommend using a brown or almost black banana for ultimate sweetness. I used half peanut butter and half almond butter. DELICIOUS.. how good were they? Well my non GF adult son, who bugs me like crazy devoured half of them!
    So my second attempt I baked a sugar pie pumpkin. Scraped out 2/3 cup. Added some ground ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and cloves. I never use exact measurement with honey usually, so I used two TBS from my silverware drawer. I also put two semi sweet chocolate chips on top. YUMMERS! After baking half the batter, I stirred in 1/4 cup GF mini chocolate chips. Still yummy. The pumpkin flavor would have been better if I used fresher pumpkin, but these were picked 5 months ago. I also took some salted cashews and a couple almonds and made my own nut butter. I wanted a more light flavored nutbutter for the pumpkin. Again, same son ate half of my muffins! Then I told him they were GF and he fake barfed. DORK. But he said they were really good.
    The ACV, or any vinegar is crucial to this recipe, along WITH the baking soda. Thank you so much.

  82. Julie says:

    I made these without eggs and they were perfect. I used ener-g egg replacer plus a full teaspoon of baking soda. I used the mini muffin tin and baked at 375 for 10 mins. They were yummy!! Thank you.

  83. Danielle says:

    Wow!!! Thank you!! Been craving my mom’s not gluten free banana bread and this recipe tasted just like it!!! I used peanut butter as my nut butter and wow! You can’t taste it. I have spread the word!!! You go girl!!! Thank you! Thank you :)

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      So happy you are enjoying these muffins :)

  84. Faith says:

    Oh my word! I was looking for gluten-free muffin. I came across your website and found the recipe. I made it to my kiddos last night ..they were all over it. Thank you!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      So happy you enjoyed them!

  85. Allie says:

    Hi! So, I love these muffins…love them. My only problem is that nut butters are spendy. Do you think that coconut butter (homemade or other) would work in this recipe in place of the nut butter? I know it would change the protein content, but would it work beyond that?

    Thank you! Good job!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Glad you enjoyed the muffins. Unfortunately, coconut butter probably would not work. You can always buy the nuts and make your own nut butter to save money.

  86. Lucy Linde says:

    These muffins are FANTASTIC! I started a gluten-free diet two years ago, and after a couple of months I stopped even trying to bake. I couldn’t really find anything I liked. I gave this receipe a chance – and I am SO HAPPY I did. My son just ate 3-4 minimuffins in the go, and asked for me to make a batch for his friends. I also munched some – and THEY ARE ADDICTIVE! I tried with peanut butter & apple sauce and added dried apples cut in small squares as topping. I found that this combination was a bit to dry, so I added two drops of blueberry sirup and violá – instant winner.
    Thank you! :-) Ps: I just bought your online book – I am all excited 😉

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Lucy so happy that you are enjoying these little gems! There are some pretty incredible recipes in my cookbook! Be sure to check out the super easy gluten free and grain free pasta recipe!

  87. Hazel says:

    Just came out of the oven…sampled one and…oh my!!!!….so light & fluffy…..didn’t have 1 cup of almond butter so I made some cashew butter and only thing I added was 1tsp of flaxseed…..amazing recipe!!!!! Tks so much!!!

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Your version sounds delicious!

  88. Mackenzie says:

    I’m grain/ gluten free…Made these regular size and they are GREAT! My family ate them up! I used natural peanut butter and added dark chocolate chips. I haven’t had any problems with them sinking that other people have had…the bananas I used were not very ripe… don’t know if that had anything to do with it! Tasty, filling & healthy. Thanks for the recipe.

  89. Cindy says:

    They came out terribly! Looked so beautiful about the first 8 minutes in the oven then they all started sinking in the middle. Don’t know if it’s our altitude (8600′) but am so disappointed.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Sorry to hear this. The altitude probably had something to do with it. Try making them into mini muffins for better results.

  90. Erica Ratiner says:

    The recipe seems to be missing from your post. Can you please repost it?

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Our site was down for a few hours, sorry about that. It is up and running now. :)

  91. K says:

    I followed the recipe exactly and they were VERY bland.

  92. Kelly says:

    I’ve made these a few times and my kids love them but they are really hard to get out of the pan at least when I use almond butter. They work best as mini muffins, I think, in terms of texture and taste.

    I think next time I’ll add coconut oil or some other kind of fat to help them not stick. I think the texture of the muffin is great, though, and I don’t want it to taste greasy, but I lose 2 out of 16 – at least – to the pan and I spend more time trying to get them out than I do making them.

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      If you like the mini’s you could easily buy the mini paper inserts…those work really well!

  93. Lotus says:

    It looks really good; I really want to make it. One thing I’m concerned thatis nuts, egss and fruit combination will cause problem for smooth digestion as experts claimed, So, what do you think about this?

  94. Rebekah says:

    I made these with chia eggs instead of eggs and they were a flop sadly not cooked on the inside but nearly burnt on the outside. Wish I could eat eggs and try again.

  95. Bridget says:

    These sound wonderful! We’re about to go on a 10-day roadtrip and I’m looking for some easy, make-ahead snacks to take along for the ride. Does anyone have an idea of the shelf-life on these? We’ll have a cooler in the car but not sure how cold we can keep it! :)

    1. Halle Cottis says:

      Mine have lasted a week in the refrigerator (could have been longer, but there weren’t any left to keep testing the length of time they would keep).

  96. Just made these and they were perfect. I adapted slightly. See my adaptations at

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  97. Janine says:

    Correct link with slight adaptations. Thanks again!

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